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NVIDIA Holodeck

Photorealistic Collaborative Design in VR.


Collaborate and Create in VR

NVIDIA Holodeck? is a virtual reality (VR) innovation platform that brings designers, peers, and stakeholders together from anywhere in the world to build and explore creations in a highly realistic, collaborative, and physically simulated VR environment.

See how NVIDIA Holodeck can bring teams together, speed up productivity, and improve your entire creative process.


Get a tour of NVIDIA Holodeck

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Use Cases

Design Review

Design Review

Designers across various disciplines, from automotive to architecture, can use NVIDIA Holodeck to review their concepts in full fidelity with colleagues and clients from anywhere in the world. Together, they can easily convey ideas, share feedback, and efficiently reach design goals in real time.

VR Content Creation

VR Content Creation

Artists can import movie-quality, computer-generated assets into Holodeck to create dynamic scenes. With the ability to design entire sets digitally and visualize scenes in high-fidelity VR, Holodeck empowers content creators to effortlessly create and collaborate on high-quality content.

Hear what early users have to say



“NVIDIA Holodeck breaks down distance barriers, bringing people together from anywhere in the world in a single virtual space to talk, sketch and visualize together without ever boarding a plane or even leaving the office. Holodeck significantly enhances virtual collaboration and strengthens both the design process and the outcomes it generates.”

—Hilda Espinal, SVP & CTO, CannonDesign



“We can do VR collaboration anywhere in the world with high-quality virtual vehicles!”

—Koichi Kayano, Project Manager of 3dData Utilization



“The possibilities for Holodeck technology as a tool that will allow our customers to experience the bespoke nature of their vehicle before it is built are very exciting. No other car feels, looks, or sounds like a Koenigsegg—each is an individually commissioned work of art, custom designed and engineered to our customers’ desires.”

—Christian von Koenigsegg, Founder of Koenigsegg Automotive AB



“During our design process, teams of our engineers and scientists work together to imagine an idea, plan a design, create that model, experiment and test that solution, then take time to reiterate and improve the original—all steps that are crucial to mission success at NASA. With Holodeck, we will be able to clearly visualize our models, easily collaborate in a physically simulated environment, and review to ensure the efficiency and safety of our designs.”

—Frank Delgado, Lead for NASA's Hybrid Reality Lab



“At KPF, we use VR to enable real-world and model- scale immersion of our designs. NVIDIA Holodeck is going to enable us to deliver on this potential, with amazingly accurate visuals and physics. And, it will allow us to collaborate with designers in our worldwide offices, our partners, and our clients, in real time. That's a powerful game changer for our industry.”

—Cobus Bothma, Senior Associate Principal and Applied Research Director

Apply For Early Access

Are you interested in building the future? Be among the first to try out this state-of-the-art VR innovation platform.
Log in with (or create) your NVIDIA account to start the application.

System Requirements:

  • NVIDIA? Quadro? P6000, NVIDIA Geforce? GTX 1080 Ti, or better
  • HTC Vive or Oculus Rift
  • Intel Core i7-6700k or better
  • 16 GB RAM
  • SSD or fast HDD
  • Steam account
  • Windows 10 (64-bit)

Export Models From:

  • Autodesk 3ds Max
  • Autodesk Maya
  • SOLIDWORKS Visualize

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